Test, deca, dbol. Hcg, pct.

  • anonymous611
    Test, deca, dbol. Hcg, pct.
    on: 2015-08-26 20:58:01
    Thank you for your time. This will be my third cycle. Last cycle I used1-12 .500 test e 2x/week. 1-10 .200 deca 2x/week. 1-6. 50mg of dbol.1-12 arimidex .5 e/o/d.12-13. 500icu of hcg starting 2 days after last injection 2x/week13-14. 1000icu hcg 2x/week.14-15. 100mg clomid.15-17. 50mg clomid.Now I want to do a little more. This is what I want to do. 1-14 test e 750 2x/week.1-12 deca 400 or 500? 2x/week.1-6 dbol e/d 50mg.1-14 hcg 500 2x/week.14-16 hcg 1000 2x/week.16-17 Clomid 100mg e/d.17-19 Clomid 50mg e/d.1-14 arimidex. 5 e/o/d. Or 1mg e/o/d?Please change what you think needs to be changed?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Test, deca, dbol. Hcg, pct.
    on: 2015-09-09 15:16:04

    Looks like you are making a reasonable increase from your last cycle to the next. This is what I like to see. So often, I see guys that have no expereince, but read somewhere on a board that a pro uses xxxmg of test and xxxmg of deca, so they think that in order to get to be the size of a pro, they most mimic the same cycle. Not the case! You want to make the most out of the least amount of gear, stay reasonable in your doses, and stay reasonable in your increases. I expect that you will have a good cycle. You know how 500mg test effects you. 750mg would be the next logical step up. Just understand that as you increase, the case of side effects gets worse. You can run low dose cycles all through our lifetime in BB, and probably stay pretty healthy, but over time, as the doses climb, so do the risks. So make sure you always monitor your labs. Make sure your blood pressure is always good on cycle and once a year, I would get an EKG, to keep an eye on heart growth. Also, there comes a point in cycling, that you can no longer safely raise your doses. You aren't there yet, but you are closer to that point than you were before. So make sure that you are doing everything else right and getting the most out of your training and nutrition. These will be the factors that separate you from the average bro. 

    Everything looks good to me. Have a great cycle and keep grinding!!


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