how do i get started?

  • papa1749
    how do i get started?
    on: 2015-08-30 01:56:14
    Hey brothermy buddy turned me on to you guys. I have always been into sports and in good cardio shape. last few years, I injured my knees and back and have gotten out of shape. I am back in it - but too much body fat and muscle loss. my buddies seem to stay tight, hard and lean. I have no idea what to buy, how to take it and how much to take. They suggested blue tops. Can you help??? Thanks
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: how do i get started?
    on: 2015-09-18 00:26:48

    Welcome to Naps Gear and welcome to my Q/A. Grab a seat and get comfortable. The more time you spend reading and learning, the better you will be able to do and the more you will be able to realize your goals. There is so much to learn and honestly, I don't think I could even come close to summing it up here, in one response. Thats one of the reasons the QA exists. Its here for the Naps Gear community, not only to ask questions at, but also to read through, as many of the other responses will be helpful for your goals too. I'm proud to say that Naps has had me here for years now, building this archieve of info. If there is a topic you are interested in, there is a good chance someone has asked questions about it. 

    So let me give you some basics. First off, no matter what you take, it will only be as effective as your diet and training plan. A good cycle will only be as good as your overall program. If you want to do a cycle, I would start with steroids before GH. GH will not have a strong effect on it's own. For someone with more expereince, GH can be very helpful. For a newer guy, that wants to get stronger, gain muscle, lose fat, and just plain feel younger, test is the start. Test E or cyp is a good go-to test to use. And if you want to speed fat loss, adding clen for fat burning would speed the process of an already good cycle. A good first timer cycle would look like this 


    wk 1-10

    Test E 500mg EW

    arimidex .5mg EOD

    clen, starting at 40mcg for 2 wks, Then add 20mcg every 2 wks, going no higher than 120mcg total, and come off after the cycle ends


    You will also want to do a PCT, starting 2 wks after your last shot. 100mg clomid ed for 1 wk. Then 14-21 days at 50mg. 


    We are just straching the surface here brother. There is so much more to talk about. Training, diet, OTC supps. So much more! So stick around and ask more questions. For you or anyone else interested in working with me one on one, I take clients here at Naps, through the Next Level Nutrition page. For guys that want to figure things out on their own, thats cool and I am here to answer questions. So if you have any more specific questions, feel free to ask. But for guys that want help, I can put you on the fast track to making the most out of effort you invest in your physiques.