comp cycle

  • smokeybear28
    comp cycle
    on: 2015-08-30 03:57:09
    I'm an npc competitor and I need some advice on a cycle to get shredded I'm about 12 weeks out right now.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: comp cycle
    on: 2015-09-19 03:33:21

    Hey brother, The classic cycle for contest prep, that most NPC and IFBB guys are always going to use, is some variation of Test/Tren/Mast. This is the "magic formula"...if there was such a thing as magic haha. There are many ways to use this cycle. Since you have about 10-12 wks left, if you wanted to run this cycle, I would make sure that you are on the test by at least 8 wks out. You can start the tren and mast at that time. Since you are short on time, I would opt for prop for your test. I would use adex for your AI, starting at 1mg EOD and if needed, go to 1mg ED. This is quite an advanced cycle, so I am assuming you have already used gear. If you wanted, you can add an oral at the end. Here is the set up. I'll draw the plan up for a 10 wk cycle, starting test sooner


    Wk 1-10

    Test prop 100mg EOD

    adex as outlined above


    tren 100mg EOD

    mast 100mg EOD


    Winstrol oral 50mg ED


    Dont forget to do a PCT after the show. I might keep running test and adex for a few wks after the show, as you rebound. Then come off the test and start PCT. If you are interested in hiring me for your plan, hit me up over at the Next Level Nutrition page, here at Naps Gear. There is so much more to say that would take working together week by week. I hope this outline helps!