Cutting stack

  • anonymous842
    Cutting stack
    on: 2015-10-13 16:53:30
    Hi. I'm 44 and have quit HRT about 7 months ago. I was cruising and blasting but wasn't getting what I wanted I guess because of tolerance? I am getting back to gym 4x a week and I'm looking for the best possible cutting stack. I'm 16% BF. Looking to be around 8-10 within 8 to 10 week period. I'd rather not pin EOD but if that's the best option, I'd like to get your input and what to take preferably with a test base. I felt like shit for a couple months lol. Thanks!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Cutting stack
    on: 2015-10-27 17:50:14

    If you required HRT, coming off of it, at best you may gain back the sub optimal levels you had before you went on HRT. As for a cycle to cut with for 8-10 wks, since this is a shorter time, you can only expect so much progress, but I don't see why you can't get to 8-10% in that time frame. Remember the cut is about the diet and the gear is just there to maintain muscle and give the muscle a harder look as you get leaner. I've included long esters so you can split the shots up into 2x wk


    Test E 500mg EW

    adex as needed

    clen 40mcg ED, increase by 20mcg every 2 wks


    Tren E 300mg EW

    Geneza Mast 200, 400mg EW