• Tom
    on: 2013-04-24 21:18:48
    Sir I,m sorry to bother you , but I didn,t understand your last Message well , Can you just explain more to me ,
    are you trying to say 500mg/week of sus is not enough ??

    one More thing , what does this Mean " keep the Test level with the peak level ???

    I hope you Can give good information about this .
    thanks again .

  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Notice
    on: 2013-04-25 04:29:28

    hey bro, sorry for any confusion. let me try to restate myself. 500mg will be plenty. you should be able to stay at that dose for several cycles and do very well, as long as you're eating big and training hard. you can take 1cc 2x a wk, but if you notice side effects like acne, there is a chance that the flux in hormones is causing the problem. some of the esters in sust are designed to release fast, while others are slow. if acne or other sides occour, i would suggest moving to .5cc EOD. the fast acting esters will be more stable that way.  less extreme highs and lows than if you were to take 2 larger shots per wk.


    hope this makes sense. if not, just know that 500mg is plenty and injecting it on a schedule of 1cc say mon and thurs is a good plan.