PRIMO cycle

  • anonymous119
    PRIMO cycle
    on: 2015-10-18 21:48:59
    Id like to start off by saying thanks for giving all of us this opportunity to ask questions with someone experienced like your self. I already have some GP oral primobolan , after doing research ive seen alot of debate regarding the dosage some say 75mg ED and others as much as 200mg ED. i also see debate about the length of the cycle 8weeks-12weeks.As we all know primo is pretty expensive , however i dont wanna let that stop me from gaining its full potential so that being said im willing to make the investment for a extended cycle and dosage if needed.Currently i already have TEST E-250mg/10mlavailable so i want to utilize that. i was thinking TEST E 250mg/week for week 1-10Oral primo @ 100mg ED for week 1-10.I would like to also add HCG,Provirion and Arimdex. My goals are simply to cut BF, while maintaining and producing lean muscle gain with minimal side effects .What do you recommend i dose these products and duration and anything else i should consider.some info about my self23, 196lbs, 16% BF
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: PRIMO cycle
    on: 2015-10-29 01:23:25

    Primo is a very mild compound and the oral is even more mild as it is less bio available. You can try 100mg, or better yet, sell it to a female that can get some effect from it and then run some injectable Geneza Primo, which kicks some major ass! I used their Prima 100 this year, and let me tell you brother, I wish I would have used it sooner. I started high at 800mg. Then when I realized it was kinda high, I backed it down to 600mg. Then 500, then settled on 400mg primo and loved it. Very solid.


    Adex .5mg EOD to start. More if needed

    For your proviron, 50mg ED is a solid dose, for as long as you like to run it in the later portion of the cycle, running it to the end.

    For your HCG, 250iu 2x wk through the cycle, up to 3 days before PCT starts


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