Hgh cycle

  • Phillyking20
    Hgh cycle
    on: 2015-10-21 18:12:46
    Has anyone heard of Riptropin, if so what are you thoughts if you've used it? Is it safe to stack test and tren while taking hgh?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Hgh cycle
    on: 2015-10-31 03:05:32

    Rips used to be one of the best GH's on the market. The problem is, everyone figured this out, they got very popular and a ton of unscrupulous people started producing fakes. So as many good cycles have been run of rips, so have people been "ripped" off! Hey, I wasn't even trying to be funny there. I guess it just comes natural lol. So personally, I will not buy rips, not even if my best friend told me his grandma purchased them directly from the factory, because as far as I have seen, there are way way too many fakes out there. I use Hyge, through Naps, which have been around for years longer than Rips. Naps gets them directly from the original Hyge factory and the lab results I have seen show them to be over dosed. 

    And as for your stacking question, GH works best when combined with steroids. Your results will be much improved when using growth with AAS. I would cycle GH for at least 5 months, if not longer, to see a good effect