Injection site

  • anonymous958
    Injection site
    on: 2015-10-27 04:53:34
    I am 47 with low T dr has me on axiron a liquid that goes under arm wanna start 250 mg of test C with 50 mg of dbal and 50 mg of winstrol both oral. Is outer thigh a good injection site? 23 g 1.5 inch needle. Looking for a little strength boost. Geneza products. Thanks!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Injection site
    on: 2015-11-10 03:34:32

    I would start with glute shots, injecting into the outer upper 1/4 of the glute. There is a lot of good info out there on injections. Heres a write up that will help, over at juiced muscle .com


    You will get quite a strength boost!! haha