HGH and Anavar

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    HGH and Anavar
    on: 2015-11-29 00:08:42
    I there, I'm new to all this for the most part, I've been reading a lot of these forums and don't understand some of the terms but slowly figuring it out.. Over the yrs I've taken different prohormones that are eventually pulled from selves or banned with not much success. But I have been looking for awhile and contemplating on trying HGH.. Had also been looking at Anavar both I've read are good for cutting fat, more the HGH in the midsection. I've always been in good shape and have even competed on stage several times with no cardio and only a 4 week diet to cut from 175 to 154, I know not the safest way, but I like my food. lol.. But seems my age is starting to get to me, sooner than I expected. I mean I'm only 35, and tho I train 5 days a week, Ive had a big build up of fat in my midsection even tho I look fit elsewhere, no more 6pk, went from the guy girls always looked at to now I don't even want to take my shirt off at the lake. I went from looking toned all the time and living off pizza to now I'm actually having to put more effort in to diet and cardio, which never had to do before.. I guess you could say my gifted genetics I always had are all gifted out.. So whats your thoughts on HGH in all respects, sex drive, healing, anti aging and could taking Anavar with it even help.. I'm good with my size for the most part, just want that fit trimmed look back. Appreciate any feedback.Thanks..
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    Re: HGH and Anavar
    on: 2015-12-30 19:09:04

    Gh will help but its no life changer. No supp is going to change your life, in itself. Sounds like you need to get your diet in order brother, and from there, GH will help take you that much further. Its not toatlly life changing but it does help with your goals. It might not hurt to get your test and thyroid levels checked too. At 35, things are going to be different than when you were 25. But honestly, if you were dieting down in 4 wks, safety aside, I'm sure you could have done better, if gave yourself more time to diet. You would have been abe to keep the food higher and carve more fat off while maintaining roundness or even growing. It sounds like you understand that, but I just wanted it throw it out there. 

    For GH dosing, around 2iu would be a good place to start. If you want to run gear with it, before looking at anavar, I would consider a low dose of test. 250mg EW, split into 2 doses would ne a low dose cycle with low water retention and low sides. Add in some arimidex and you have a soid dry cycle. With the right diet, you can tighten up and probably grow some too. I would run a plan like this for 12 wks. Then take 12 wks off and PCT. If you wanted to try anavar, it can be added on top of the test, around 40-60mg ED for the last 6-8 wks of the cycle.