Convince Me To Use Gear

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    Convince Me To Use Gear
    on: 2015-12-25 05:01:13
    Convince me to use steroids:Dear IFBB Undercover,I am curious about gear. In fact, I always have been, ever since high school. Some history about myself, I have been a professional fashion, commercial model, and actor for about four years now. Since about age 19. My stats are as follows:MaleAge: 23Years lifting experience: 7 yearsHeight: 6' 0"Weight: 195 lbs.BF: 12%Waist: 32'Shoe size: 11Suit: 40-42RAthletic history: Baseball, Track, SwimmingCurrent Training: 3-4 days of standard bodybuilding/ strength training workouts.E.g. 10-12 reps of 4 sets. Varying dumbbell, barbel, machine exercises at about 90% max effort. Split into leg day, chest/triceps day, back day, shoulders/arms day. Cardio: 20 minutes, low intensity-moderate intensity, walking treadmill or elliptical machine, 3 days a week.Diet: Low fat, moderate protein, higher carbs (1.5 grams/per gram of body weight)Essentially consisting of: grilled chix breast, jasmine rice, Powerade (1-2 drinks per day), black coffee, mustard, salad, and periodic protein shakes throughout day (with almond butter). I am experienced in staying at low body fat % year round naturally, around 8-9%. (Although not very enjoyable.)My questions are as follows:Will gear help me stay at that conditioning easier? Will I look more muscular and better conditioned at those measurements, while on gear?Will my diet have to be nearly as strict? Will I retain any water? (Face bloat is unacceptable.)Will I have a better quality of life (e.g. Better sex drive, more energy, better overall physique= more jobs= more income, fewer issues with physique being the reason I don't book jobs)?I understand you make your living using your body. In what way can I make this lifestyle more bearable and easier to live with? Will gear help that to happen?If you were to recommend a cycle of drugs for conditioning reasons or muscularity reasons being most important, what would it be?How long can I use such a cycle if my body is my career? Do you recommend coming off?Will I experience any feeling of being "alpha"? Is that a common effect of gear use? Will it give me a mental edge over competition? What other personality changes or mindset changes I should be prepared for?Any advice would be appreciated, cheers from SoCal
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    Re: Convince Me To Use Gear
    on: 2016-01-14 22:38:55

    I would never try to convince someone to take a drug. At the end of the day, you have to use gear because thats what you want to do and you are willing to take the risks that go along ith it. Everyone is unique and will have their own response to steroids. I know guys that get very bloated either because of genetics or diet. Even if it is genetic, Im certain diet plays a role too. Some people "feel" better using gear and more confident while others do not. If you never use gear, you will probably still be able to get the same jobs and bang hot chicks. It's all a matter in confidence and that is not going to come from a vialThere are a ton of "reasons" to use and probably a ton more not to.  Most people will never make any money because of their physique and a lot of people drug themselves out for no good reason. My suggestion is to keep level headed. Use moderate doses and think about the big picutre at all times. 

    For a first cycle I would suggest something like :

    1-12 Test E 350-500mg EW

    adex .5mg to 1mg EOD

    1-4 to 6 

    Dbol 25-30mg ED

    PCT starts 2 wks after last shot.