Cycle of the Gods?

  • anonymous759
    Cycle of the Gods?
    on: 2015-12-30 16:22:44
    Lol. Sounds dramatic right? Really I have a bunch of gear remaining from previous cycles and just got some 1-test cyp and can run a somewhat exotic mix of compounds.Wanted to run 1-test cyp, primo, and test E at 500mg a week each for 16 weeks with a Tbol kick start. I have four cycles under my belt. Test and test deca with And test primo with dbol.Thoughts? Any experience with this or something similar. Makes sense? Reasonable expected results? Thanks and Happy New Year!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Cycle of the Gods?
    on: 2016-01-25 03:54:31

    This would make for a good cutting cycle. 1Test Cyp is much like Primo in my expereince. It also reminds me of EQ without any water retention. DHB is afterall a metabolite of EQ. I get fullness and hardness. Crazy vascularity. Primo is a great drug for strength and an overall "quality" look. I have not combined primo with 1TC, mainly because I feel they give me a similar look, though primo maybe making me a little harder. I do like the idea of running this with something faster acting like the tbol, because 1TC seems to take a longer time to start showing results for me, than most drugs. Longer than EQ. I would suggest running this plan for 16 wks, and using the Tbol for the first 6. From that point, the test and primo will be working well and the 1TC will start showing results shortly after 

    Have a great cycle! If you get ripped off of this unique combo, head over and see me at I'm posting over there now and would like to see results from a cycle like this

    For anyone interested working 1 on 1, I offer my coaching services here at Naps through the Next Level Nutrition page. Feel free to message me today and get started on a plan for the new year!