Quick GP product experience questions

  • TriednTestedVet
    Quick GP product experience questions
    on: 2016-01-15 18:32:54
    Hello IFBB U.C.,Really impressed with your polite and concise answers and your willingness to work with both new and experienced persons.My question has to do with your experience with Geneza Pharm supplementation.After 10 weeks and subject using various GP only products (Deca,Anadrol,Dbol,Sustanon,Proviron) and a prescription Cypionate product for first 7weeks most of the affects have positive.However, I did have a concern regarding Dbol 10mg.Subject had been using 1000mgs Cyp/week,Deca 600mg/week, 50mg Ana/daily, 20mg Proviron/Daily along with 10mg of prescription cialus with no issue for 7 weeks.After that time period subject then transitioned from Anadrol 50mg/daily to Dbol 10mg/tab at 30mg dosage.The addition of 12iu's daily of Humolog (fast acting)spread over 3 injections was also added at this time.The profound and uncomfortable difference of high BP symptoms was then felt within 30mins right through to 6hrs after of taking Dbol dose.*Flush face, head pressure and a high reading using a personal BP wrist cuff during the day and an almost never ending PUMP in the arms/shoulders especially at night which affected sleeping*Even after subject removed insulin (to begin the systematic approach of what/if it was the Dbol causing issues) from daily routine during week 2 and lowered dbol dosage from 20mg to just 10mg there was no changeMy question is...if I have used Dbol in my earlier years using even higher dosages but from the old school BD direct from T.land (lived there for a while) have you or anyone you know had this reaction from using this product specifically from GP?A bit about the subject:Long time user over 2decades off and on but as of the past 9yrs has been on prescription Cypionate.Dosages for Cyp have been as high as 1000mg/week to low as 400mg/week done so subject had "down time" since this is likely to be a lifelong exposure to HRT.Subject maximum weight during "competitive" years was 204lbs at 8%bf at a height of 5'5".Subject weight prior to 10week blast was 192lbs bf between 10-12%.Subject weight at 7week marker was 210lbs and felt "good" until Anadrol was replaced with Dbol.Subject current weight is 206lbs (bf not tested) and is currently using sus270 at 800mgs/week, EQ 500mg/week, 14iu Insulin Humolog/daily over 3injections, 20mg proviron/daily.I've test drove throwing in just one 10mg tab of Dbol and I immediately get the same nasty BP issues so its clear that I am no longer able to use an "old favorite" or that its possible that my 10mg tabs are actually well overdosed.I've also used Sustanon in the past with little discomfort but even just 1cc mixed with the EQ is producing some unfriendly PIP but I've reduced Sus vs Eq mix and it is helping.I provided as much info as possible about subject in the hopes of it offering better ability to answer the question....whats up with that GP DBOL?At 38yrs old has my body changed enough since my late teens/early 20's when I used it last but from the "motherland of gear"?Is GP Dbol 10mg overdosed and just need to modify dosage?I'm looking at leaving it on the way side and have purchased Turinabol, Superdrol and more Anadrol to be used at different times.Perhaps you can suggest which one I use to fill the gap since Dbol is out.Thank you so much for the time it took to read much less provide any suggestions on how this in great shape "hitting his prime years" vet can leap ahead of where he used to be!TTV
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Quick GP product experience questions
    on: 2016-02-21 01:56:40

    Interesting question. Heres the first thing I'm thinking. It has been awhile since you used Dbol last. I think it's very possible that your body is having a differet, and not so positive response, which in my book is really too bad. I too find Dbol to be an "old favorite". Thankfully for me, Dbol has been one that still works just fine, although I do need to use a lower dose now than when I was younger. On the other hand, drol is one I can no longer handle. I used to be just fine, in fact, super human, on a dose of 100mg ED. Now, on 50mg, a decade later, I feel sick and my appetite goes away completely. I have seen that as we age, orals seem to take a rougher toll on the body. I've seen the lab reports on GP reports showing it to be right around 10mg per tab and in my personal experience, I'd say it feels about right to me. I have used probably about 10 different batches since they came out of 2008 or 2009. It's always been 100% for me. In genreal what works for me now is differnt than what worked for me 10 years ago. My goals have changed but so has my response. If you're finding these negative effects, move along to something that does work for you. As far as orals go, I suggest not going too heavy with them anyway. They are great for short periods, but even to kick start a cycle, you can do all sorts of cool things with the fast acting injects. I like to kick a cycle off with a few wks of dbol, for sure, but starting with NPP for the first 6-8 wks can do some pretty cool stuff and even play a role in the cycle for longer than an oral kick start can. Sust/NPP/EQ is one of my go-to muscle building plans. 

    As for the pain from the Sust270, sorry to hear that. I think that for some guys, they have a rougher time than others with certain products. Sust270 is my favorite test that GP makes. Sounds like you're doing the right stuff, mixing it with other, less painful gear. You could try heating it a little. I use a hair drier to do this and warm the barrel before injecting. It lowers the viscosity of the oil and goes more easily into the muscle with less pain. This could potentially help.