Cutting cyle

  • Brighton332
    Cutting cyle
    on: 2016-01-24 00:02:27
    Hi Pro,Last summer I ran a 12 wk cycle of Tren E and Sustanon (500mg of sus per week). I had great results, lowering my bodyfat drastically and I saw my abs for the first time in 10 years. I want to do another 12 week cycle this summer. I was thinking of doing the Tren and Sus combo. Should I add anything else? My goal is to get as shredded as possible (no, I am not competing, but may have some fitness modeling opportunities).I am 36 yrs old. currently 190lbs, 5foot 11. My waist is about 34 inches and BF is about 12%. I would like to get the body fat into the single digits.I work with a trainer on my workouts and diet so that part isnt an issue. I workout 6 days per week and will do AM cardio every morning once I start my cutting diet/ cycle.Also, can you recommend a good PCT? I have borderline low testosterone (I have for years) but I am not on medication (but probably will need it soon)Thank for all you do.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Cutting cyle
    on: 2016-02-24 02:33:32

    Hey brother, I'd have to see your diet and your progress to say for sure, but your trainer might not have your diet right. Remember, it is not the gear that will get you ripped. Its your diet and cardio plan. And heres a hint to help you undersand if you are on track. You can make progress on a steady diet, as long as calories are low enough, but with my guys, things are changing every week to keep progress moving at an optimal pace. One week we might change carbs. The next week, increase cardio. Then next week, we might increase a fat burner. Then the next wk, increase protein. Theres always sometihing that can be dialed in better. So if this does not sound like what you are doing, that could be whats holding you back and I would rethink your approach. I'm not trying to sell myself. More so, I want you to understand that at least in my expereince, personal trainers are not always gerat diet coaches. If you are 12 % now and dont get to your ultimate goal by the end of this cycle, I would strongly suggest finding a new plan for your nutritional advice. 


    Ok lets talk gear. You were on the right track last cycle. Tren is a powerhouse for cutting. Add masteron to that and you have a great plan. Here is how I would lay it out, I would also suggest clen for fat burning. 


    Test (any with long ester) 500mg

    adex 1mg EOD


    tren ace 50mg eod, build to 75 mg over time. 100 at most


    Masteron P 100mg EOD


    If you transition to HRT after this, you do not need to go on PCT. Just go to HRT dosing a wk after your last shot



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