41 hgh

  • anonymous962
    41 hgh
    on: 2016-02-03 19:34:05
    I'm a 41 year old woman been working out for a year loving it but finding myself being soar a lot. Looking for information on steroids for women how safe are they for me? What would be a good place to start?thanks for the help
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: 41 hgh
    on: 2016-03-17 22:51:38

    You mentioned GH in the title but you asked about steroids in the question. So I wanted to first clear up that steroids and GH are 2 different things. Both will help with recovery. Steroids are male hormones that will help to build muscle and speed recovery from training. GH is a protein peptide that will also speed recovery and over the long term will help with fat loss. Gh can be run long term. You could start that up and run it without stopping. With steroids, you would need to run them for shorter periods and then take breaks. If you like, you can use both. For gh, I would suggest taking 1-2iu either first thing in the morning or pre training. With steroids, I would stick with anavar and start with 5mg, running this every day for up to 8 wks. Then taking 8 wks off before starting again. Over time, you can increase the anavar to 10mg. 20mg is the outside linit I would suggest for a female. Each woman is different and will have a unique response. Some girls do fine with 10mg while others get side effects. Do some reseach about the side effects of anavar in females before you start . I would suggest Hyge GH and Geneza Anavar