Gaining Experience

  • Jimrat
    Gaining Experience
    on: 2016-04-10 01:29:46
    I'm 38, 330lbs. Down from 396 in January of 2015. I currently pin 150mg of test cyp once a week, but want to up my game with 250 to 500mg a week for 12 weeks and add 30mg of d-Bol a day for 4 weeks. I've been training consistently for 14 months and made some solid gains in weight loss and strength. My training routines for each body part are tried and true. My diet consists of 150gr carbs 200gr fat, and 200 for protein. My goal isn't to compete, but get to a healthy 250lbs with around 12% body fat. I run a mile in 9:46, bench 385. Squat 315, deadlift 495. I'm sure I need some help with my diet and any advice I get to help me with my goals would be greatly appreciated.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Gaining Experience
    on: 2016-05-02 00:12:09

    Hey brother, first of all, congrats on the fat loss so far. I dont think that dbol is great for your goals. Its more about adding just overall mass and it will increase estrgeon levels, making it harder to lose fat. If you wanted to run gear, I would opt more for a DHT based drug like masteron along with your test and a strong dose of adex. Still, remember that this is not going to directly burn fat, but it will help. Diet is going to be so much of what gets you thre. I would also look at your thyroid and see if it is at optional levels. Clen would be beneficial. If needed, T3 could help. 


    On the diet, I would really have to see where you're at now and what you have been doing, as well as what your progress has looked like. In general, the key is to keep your metabolism running high while losing fat. So I'd probably lean toward low carbs on most days and then a well timed carb up. But in general, low carbs usually works well for guys that are very over weight. Also, dont forget your cardio. It will make a big difference, start low and then build it up over time.


    For you or anyone interested in working with me, one on one, message me at the Next Level Nutrition page, here at Naps.