Secend cicle

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    Secend cicle
    on: 2016-04-12 10:07:54
    So I just want to start by saying thanks for your time and I want to know what you think about my secend cicle first one being sustenon 250 and bdol So for this cicle I'm shooting for 6 weeks of bulk and 6 weeks of cut 1/12 week sus 250 500 MG per week 1/6 week trenbolone 400 MG per week 7/12 winstrol 40 MG per day I just want to know what you think or what would you change thanks for your time
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    Re: Secend cicle
    on: 2016-05-06 07:31:53

    I'm not a big fan of splitting your cycle up like this. Do you really think that you can get in teh shape you want to be in, with only 6 wks to grow, then 6 wls to cut. Look at this from a nautral perspective. Do you think that you could cut in 6 wks? Of course not.So my suggestion would be to pick a direction and go with it. If you feel you need to get bigger, splend this ccycle fofucisng on more food. If you want to make this one a cut, ok, that works too. I just find that too often, I see guys that have tried to do this and end up pretty close to where they started.