Best for Endurance/ running w/ total body strength

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    Best for Endurance/ running w/ total body strength
    on: 2016-04-14 08:13:49
    I want to say thank you for all the advice you have given me on former questions. I have a question now, what gear could I run apart from adding test to it that would do great and not aromatizes, or if it did very minimal..I was considering Primo,with some anavar....maybe using some Stanazol but didn't know how well it would work by itself,I'm a runner and the test propionate 1/2 cc EOD I was using with 40 mg of stanz everyday WAS giving my legs and calves too much pump & tightness I felt it to be water retention but I was taking ameridx 1/2 tab was thinking of trying something different without the retention of water brought on by test..would the Sust test work better than prop.on side like holding water? I got GP 270 and sust 350..I figured the GP test prop would work better because of a shorter ester..I have some EQ300 I really want to use for Endurance I need for upcoming events, could I run it alone? Or maybe with primo? Or just use the gp270 sust at low sust2701/4cc &1/2 cc EQ300 2x a week with ameridx 1pill eod
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    Re: Best for Endurance/ running w/ total body strength
    on: 2016-05-15 18:14:31

    If you use enough AI, you can control estrogen and water retention. Prop can be "drier" just because it builds up less so there is less conversion. But that level of conversion can be mimicked through estrgoen mgnt. 1mg EOD adex should be good. And if endurance is your prime focus, you can get away with much less gear than bodybuilding doses. For instance, in BB, a male might used 50-100mg of var. But I have known track athletes to have really good expereinces with 30mg of var only. So keep that in mind. Lower doses will lead to less mineral retention and therefore, less water weight. Any of the DHTs will produce less water. EQ is great for increased RBC but can also cause water retention. It converts to estrgoen about 50% as much as test so it can be managed. I'd try that, using a small amount of test, like 300mg or so, with 300mg EQ. It will take a month to build up but it will work well for endurance