Test Cyp, Eq, Tbol and Anavar

  • anonymous886
    Test Cyp, Eq, Tbol and Anavar
    on: 2016-04-15 06:58:17
    Hello,I'm thinking of Using Test Cyp, EQ, Tbol & Anavar. Test cp @ 250 split Wed and Sun. Same goes with EQ @ 400 split. After doing a lot of reseaarh, I've decided to run both compounds for at least 16weeks. For my last cycle, I ran all of these compounds but Tbol and got shredded and loved it. I feel that it was mostly due to my diet but Anavar really helped me out as well. I'm also looking for strength, which I didn't get from anavar but I don't want to get the bloat. So, after some research I decided on Tbol. I wanted to start Tbol on weeks 3-7 and end my cycle with Anavar from weeks 12-16. Then typical PCT. Will this be too much orals to take?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Test Cyp, Eq, Tbol and Anavar
    on: 2016-05-15 18:32:06

    So you're only going to use 250 on test? I think that you coud get more out of the cycle if you upped the dose to 500mg. You should be able to manage bloating through clean diet, high water intake and estrogen control. Then if you wanted to add an oral, you could do what you are doing, or you could use one of them for longer. Var will produce a lot of stregnth. Maybe something else was off? Diet, dosing, etc? I'd run the var at 50mg. If you ran this for the last 8 wks of the cycle, I think that your stregnth should be pretty good and you really wouldn't need the Tbol. Or you could do the Tbol instead for the last 6-8