AAS, Peptides, HGH cycle for size

  • Wolfbridge
    AAS, Peptides, HGH cycle for size
    on: 2016-04-25 00:38:31
    Hi Pro. At the age of 51 (now), I’m fascinated with the growth I’ve achieved with AAS, training and proper diet. In over two years I’ve never looked any better. But I’m amazed by the muscle development obtained by “full time” Bodybuilders, in particular Karl Anderson aka Carlito-XXXL. https://www.instagram.com/carlito_xxxl. I know genetics take on a great responsibility in how our body reacts with different AAS compounds. Either way, I’m curious: What would be an AAS cycle and/or peptides, HGH to gain that much size in the long term? Currently, I'm doing Naps 16 Week Pro Bulk BB Off Season Cycle. I would really appreciate your input; it would be a mayor influence on my future cycles.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: AAS, Peptides, HGH cycle for size
    on: 2016-05-18 04:46:53

    The difference you see from a lot of pros compared to average guys is genetics. That means not only genetics to grow muscel but genetics to handle the weight it takes to grow without getting hurt. Genetics to process and use larger amounts of drugs, etc. Plus much more. But gh is one of those things, where some people respond better to it than others. Most people are not going to turn into a freak from using GH. But it will help, espeically at your age. Another component to look at with gh is insulin. GH and insulin combined with AAS is the ultimate combo, but you need to make sure that you know what you are doing with insulin. If you are going to take enough gh for muscle gains, look into this one down the road after you see how GH works.

    GH can be used long term. Really its something most do not come off of, year round. I may take more at certain points, but in general, I stick with 4iu a day for most of the year. I would run it no shorter than 5-6monhts. If you can go longer, go for it. The results will not come over night. I'd start ith 2iu and slowly work your way up, using as much as you can afford. Up to 6-8iu a day would be the max I'd go and at 5 or above, I would want to have insulin in for sure. If you stick with lower doses, 2-4iu, you will see some greatly improved recovery. You'll feel and look better. Just watch for water retention. It can get bad at the higher doses. You can use gh while on AAS and while off. If you come off completely, you will probably find that it helps you regain muscle between cycles