Female Primo Oral Cycle

  • Hommie925
    Female Primo Oral Cycle
    on: 2016-05-13 03:28:32
    hey bro, my wife has done 3 var cycles and a few nolva, clen cycles. She wants to try Oral Primo (not injet). We've read that 50mg ed for 6-8 weeks is the standard. Do you agree? Do you think starting out at 50mg is ok or does she need to ramp up and start with 25mg first few weeks and also ramp down towards the end or just straight 50mg from start to finish? She is 5-8 @ 115lbs and very lean. Her goal is to gain lean muscle. Her diet is pretty spot on. Would you suggest anything else to add with it or simply start with oral primo then graduate to other compounds like NPP, EQ or deca after running a few primo cycles? Thank you for your input, always!!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Female Primo Oral Cycle
    on: 2016-05-29 02:33:40

    I think that starting lower and see how she does. so yea, about 25mg ED, then increase to 50mg but Keep in mind that oral primo really is not that great. I'm pretty conservative when it comes to females and I'm saying that it really is not that awesome. After Var, I would opt for injectable primo, even if she wanted to start very low. She can load it into an insulin pin and break down the dose quite small. I would try 50mg, which is a standard intro dose. If she wanted, you could even do less. If she finds 50mg ok and wants to increase, then go to 75mg. 100mg is a standard "normal" dose for a female. just make sure you go with a good brand like Geneza. My gal has used it a couple times and I trust them. I have had several clients use GP too, so thats my suggestion.