Side effects help

  • Tater
    Side effects help
    on: 2016-05-19 17:12:54
    So I ran 12 wells of test prop at 1.2 cc abd tren ace at .3-.5 cc. My pct is clomid in which I am running now for 3 weeks at 100/50/50. My question is I have ran these compounds before and had my days where I was in pain and fine. This cycle I ran tren ace low as I didn't want side effects to cripple me, well the entire cycle things went great, came to the end of the cycle and holly shit I feel like death. Not sure if it's the clomid as Iv take it before. I ran arimidex through cycle three days of the week at .25mg so why do I have tren cough now and I right chest I can't even sleep at night ? I also drink about gallon to gallon and half of water throughout the day but sleep better now at night so I don't wake to hydrate and holly shit through the night or in the morning I'll have the shakes from being cold or my body will be so warm. I'm thinking maybe it's a hydration issue however any help would be greatly appreciated or helpful hints or a time duration when I'll get ride of this tren cough and chest. Funny thing is throughout the day I'm ok but morning or close to night I start to die
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Side effects help
    on: 2016-06-13 06:13:12

    Hey bro, not sure exactly what you are talking about here. Tren cough is acute, lasting only a min or two, right after the shot. It does not always happen, but when it does, you will feel it right away. It sounds like you are suffering from the general side effects of tren, night sweats, maybe some insomnia, chills, etc. This is all part of taking tren. It sounds like you are taking some strong stuff. The only way to really get rid of those sides is to stop taking it. If you are using tren ace, which it sounds like you are, you will start to feel better ithin a few days. If the side effects are too uncomfortable, you can always stop taking it and move to a different compound. I have worked with people that have not used tren and still were gnarly enough to win bodybuilding contests. So if a masteron/winstrol/test cycle is good enough fo them, I'm sure it is plenty good for others! So if you dont like it, cut it out of the plan. 

    that being said, I do find that over time, people get used to a given dose and it becomes less of an issue. So it may be a place where more time will help