Skin Care

  • H20poloCM
    Skin Care
    on: 2013-04-26 01:05:18
    I have a question regarding skin care. about 6-7 weeks into every cycle my skin goes CRAZY! my shoulder and lower-mid back break out intensely. What have you done to manage this in your career. I have used accutane 10mg 2x a day, and cirpo(500mg 2x a day) I dont want to rely on antibiotics due to the longterm immunization effects, and accutane because I live off the boardwalk and spend a lot of time in the sun. I order a bunch of cipro and a couple topical creams from naps for the long cycle.
    Any suggestions?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Skin Care
    on: 2013-04-27 13:20:48

    first off, and some of this might seem like basic information, make sure you shower often, using a fresh towl each time. try using dial antibacterial soap. make sure you change your sheets and pillow case at least once a wk. consistently controling bacteria can make a huge difference.


    another consideration is the gear you're using. much of the issue that causes acne in aas using BBers is the flux in hormone levels. simply spliting your dose up more often may make a huge difference. a lot of guys, including myself, will break out on tren on EOD injects. if i break it down further into ED injects, the problem, goes away completely.


    as for antibiotics, acne is an infection of the skin. if you are suffering from a decent sized breakout, using one may be helpful to get it under control. the cyclines are a common place to start. what works for you will depend on what the specific bacteria in your acne responds to. even when you find one that works, it can still take a couple of months for it to actually clear you up. besides the wait to see results, the bigger problem is, long term, the drug will slowly become less effective and once you stop using it, you may very well end up back where you were. acctane at a low dose, like the dose you have previously used, 20mg ED, worked well for me. i believe i used 20mg ED for 3 months and it radically reduced acne outbreaks for me. this was a year ago and i still stay mostly clear. i understand your concern with sun exposure. that issue can also be with many of the antibiotics as well. basically, it just means that you will burn faster. if you go that route, i would test yourself out, being exposed for just a short time and see what the result is/ this side effect will go away once treatment is over and depending on how bad your acne is, it might be a short term sacrifice for long term results.