peptides and growth or just growth

  • anonymous424
    peptides and growth or just growth
    on: 2016-06-21 23:51:59
    Hey bro, many thx once again for all the assistance you have provided over the years, you have truly been a wealth of knowledge. I have seen in past posts that you may have suggested utilizing more growth rather than growth plus peptides. I have also seen studies where peptides may not actually do the job after a certain age, which makes sense as if you are not putting out growth can a peptide actually cause one to start producing again? Of course I have seen studies saying the opposite as well. I have been utilizing ghrp and cjc combo 2 to 3 times a day with around 2 units of growth 20 minutes after to get that supposedly super pulse. Been doing that for several years but being im about to turn 50, should I just stick with the growth, maybe add a unit?Also, i utilize about 40 mcgs of igf after training for 4 weeks, then take 4 off to avoid desensitizing.During those 4 weeks i utilize 200 mcgs of mgf . I haven't seen any research on the desensitizing of mgf so I have just kept the mgf in the mix with the igf the last 4 weeks. What is your opinion on mgf generally and what are your thoughts on possible desensitization?Been training most my life, competing on and off and always stay in good shape and utilize a moderate aas program as well so its hard to tell what, if any, difference utilizing the different protocols makes.thx again bro, you 8u are appreciated more than you can know!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: peptides and growth or just growth
    on: 2016-07-15 06:07:54

    Hey brohter, good questions. A good way to see what effects you get from the GH releasing peptdes, would be to get some labs done while on them. Maybe stop your GH for awhile. Then do labs to see your GH and igf levels. For this experiment, I would also stop the IGF, MGF and anything else that could effect the reading. That would be the only way to really know what you are getting>. Then you can ask yoursel if it is worth the cost.At your age, you should get some decent results using 2-3iu gh. And if you are getting real IGF, more power to you. As for the MGF, I have never seen anyone get ANY effect from it. I have heard that you are supposed to use it with IGF to get the full effect. I dont know though I have seen people use it both ways.