bulking cycle

  • anonymous7007
    bulking cycle
    on: 2016-06-24 03:15:49
    hey hows it going this will be my 4th cycle and im looking to add mass but not alot of body fat. i was considering running test e @500mg week for 16 week and tren ace 50-75 mg eod from maybe week 3-9 or 10 with dbol @ 50mg for 6 weeks im sensitive to gyno so instead of adex i was gonna give letro a try. if you have any sugestions let me hear them please. i also considered maybe a-50 ?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: bulking cycle
    on: 2016-07-15 06:31:10

    First off, no one wants to gain fat. Staying lean while bulking is a smart move. Any cycle you could do can provide this because the cycle does not make you fat or lean. It is all the diet and cardio. 50mg EOD of tren is a reasonable dose. You should do just fine with that. If you do run into sides, you can always stop it and it will be out of your system quickly. 

    No real need for letro. Letro is very strong but its harder to control than adex. With Letro, it is much easier to lower your estrogen down to nothing. Remember that this wil cause a lot of problems and without a normal amount of esotrgen, you may limit your progress. So I would stick to adex and just make sure you are taking enough. 1mg ED is not crazy talk but I bet you would be fine with 1mg EOD and that is where I would start you