Are tranquilizers holding me back ?

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    Are tranquilizers holding me back ?
    on: 2016-06-25 02:51:37
    Hi, I'm writing again one last time because I'm in need of your expert opinion and advice . I'm on 5mg daily of Lexapro for anxiety and post traumatic stress , and 0.5mg~1mg of Xanax nightly for insomnia related to the ptsd . If shit really hits the fan I'm allowed to take 1mg of klonopin , but that's rare . My doctor and I are hoping the lexapro will eventually kick in a few weeks and control the ptsd anxiety to the point where I won't need benzodiazepines anymore for sleep . I'm 5'11 and 240lbs and 25% bf and really, really, hate myself and would love to run a test/deca recomp cycle and get in shape asap for summer . If I'm taking benzodiazepines for sleep nightly am I doomed from gaining more muscle mass and leaning out at a reasonable rate on cycle because I'm on those tranquilizers ? I've heard the sleep they produce isn't natural (and isn't sleep the only time your muscles grow) and you've alluded in previous posts that those drugs have a negative impact on physiques and kill progress in the gym . Thank you for your help in advance and I wish you well this summer - Brandon M.
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    Re: Are tranquilizers holding me back ?
    on: 2016-08-07 05:26:53

    Its hard to say how much the benzos are holding you back. If I saw your diet and was watching your progress, I would better be able to answer your qustion. So sorry, I dont mean to be vague. Sure they can have an impact, but really if that is what you need, then there is not much you can do. There are other meds that will not mess you up mentally and will allow you to still get lean. Buspar comes to mind. I have used it myself for anxiety. Its not going to knock you out like xanax but it does help. 


    If this is something you have to use, I would like suggest you adjust the diet and keep trying to be your best given your given circumstances. There will never be a perfect time to get into shape 

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