test e, tren a, winny, tbol, clen

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    test e, tren a, winny, tbol, clen
    on: 2016-07-14 06:43:10
    i want to a cycle with these compounds: test e, tren a, winny, tbol, clen. i have over 5 cycle done and i have tried all these compounds but tbol. im 224 at 5'9 that has 18% body fat. my goal is to cut down to 200 or less but with a body fat percentage of 10% or less. i do have t3 also but i dont want to use it unless i need it. i also want to know if i could ever use IGF in a cutting cycle or when is it best to use IGF
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    Re: test e, tren a, winny, tbol, clen
    on: 2016-09-05 17:54:34

    Sure you can use IGF on a cutting cycle. I would add it in when you are getting leaner and could use the extra fullness, espeically if you add the T3 in. I like to go 6 wks at a time. 25-30mcg for 3 wks. Then 50-60mcg for 3 wks. Then at least 3 wks off before using it again. I find the IGF helps to shuttle nutrients to the muscle, so with better partitioning, you will have less food potentially stored as fat. No need for the tbol and win. I would use one or the other. I would go with the win. Then save the tbol for another time. 


    Wk 1-4

    Test E 500mg EW split into 2 doses

    adex as needed 

    clen, starting at 40mcg and increasing as you go, adding 20mcg every 2 wks

    Wk 5-12

    Test E .5cc EOD

    Tren Ace .5cc EOD- possibly inceraseing as the cycle goes. No more than 1cc EOD

    adex cont'

    clen cont' 

    Add T3 if needed at the lowest dose possible to evoke effect, 25mcg to start


    Of course, the results are going to be a result of your diet and cardio. 


    For anyone that needs help and wants to work with me one on one, I am taking a couple clents at the Next Level Nutition page through Naps