on: 2016-07-27 04:07:35
    Hello:) Im currently on a 10 week cycle of 1ml Tst Cyp 250 and 1ml bold 200 2xweek. Im taking Anastrozole during and will finish off with clomid.Im seeing amazing results, Im 42 and feel and look 22! I have always workout and eat very clean but fear losing my gains.1. How long before I can do another cycle safely?2. Should I switch an HGH cycle next 3. I was taking stan but felt edgy with it, why?4. what is clomid follicle stimulation?Warmest Regards!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: PCT
    on: 2016-09-15 20:21:05

    At 42 you do qualify for HRT so I would check to see if you need replacement therapy. If so, you can stay on a low replacement dose between cycles. If you do come off, you want to wait until you have recovered natural production. So labs would be best before your started again. Or without labs, the "rule of thumb" is time on plus PCT equals time off. You can add GH at any point and use it on or off AAS cycle. As for your reaction to winstrol, it could just be because it rarised andogren levels and this can impact CNS activity. Im not sure about that term in regard to clomid, but i can tell you that clomid will stimulate natural test production