Ask about cycle off

  • anonymous20
    Ask about cycle off
    on: 2016-08-03 19:24:40
    Hey bro How often do you take cycle off time?Probodybuilder dosent take rest from gear?
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Ask about cycle off
    on: 2016-09-17 03:28:09

    I can speak for a lot of pros on this and say that most pros do not come off now days. Its been a progression, but its a commitment to the lifestyle. Its not something I promote. I peronally dont even like talking about it publically, even here. There are a lot of younger guys that are looking for a reason to "blast and cruise". But look, if you stay on, you are commiting to a life long need for medication. And it might effect your chances of having kids, etc. All sorts of potential issuces come up when you depend on medicine. So sure, a lot of the younger guys can't see past the next 3 months. But I will tell them, believe it or not, things change. Our minds change. And one day, you might want a life that doesnt require you to take a shot every 5-7 days haha. And you might cut yourself off from options that you would have had otherwise. 

    So all of that said, yep, most guys dont come off at the high level. They run a version of HRT. And everyone is different. HRT might really mean normal test levels say 800ng/dl, for some, while for others, it might mean more. And look, for a guy that is in his 30's, HRT might be a good option anyway. But if he is before that, I would really focus on making sure you recover between cycles. Its hard and PCT blows. Believe me, I know haha. I've done it many times, but staying on is not the answer to getting huge that some people would like to think. Honestly what makes a pro a pro has everythign to do with genetics. There is a rare guy that can walk into the gym and look great, big and ripped without gear. Its that kind of guy that is most likely pro material anyway. So thats not to dash the hopes of anyone. I was not one of those guys and there are a lot of other blue collar guys that have worked their asses off and done great things. Just understand that staying on is not a "key" 


    So not really sure if you were looking for all that, but thats what I felt I should share. Maybe not for you, but maybe for someone else that is reading this response.