On-Cycle & PCT

  • anonymous750
    On-Cycle & PCT
    on: 2016-09-09 17:06:11
    I am about to start a bulking cycle consisting of 300mg of deca per week. 500mg of test cyp per week both for 12 weeks.50mg of dbol for the first 6 weeks. What would you suggest for on-cycle therapy and Pct. I'm 55. 5'10 and 214 lbs. I'm concerned about the dreaded deca dick.. thank you
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: On-Cycle & PCT
    on: 2016-10-14 15:57:45

    Your dose of deca is fairly low and your test is 200mg higher, so I would not expect to expereince any sexual problems. I would suggest using adex to keep estrogen under control, between .5mg to 1mg EOD until you start PCT. I am not a big deca fan for guys that come off between cycles because it shuts you down harder than some other steroids. For this reason, I go with EQ, but deca will work. I would probably want to run some HCG on cycle at 500iu, every 3 days through the cycle, up to the time you start PCT. I would also run your test for 1 wk longer than the deca, then after your last test shot, wait 2 wks before starting PCT