Feel like crap on dbol

  • anonymous131
    Feel like crap on dbol
    on: 2016-09-17 22:33:32
    HelloI'm on Dr. Rx'd trt 200mg test cyp/ wk divided into two doses. 25 units of HCG three times / wk. 1.5 mg anostrazole / wk divided into two doses. I added 30mg gm methan/ day. Upped the Anostrazole to 3 mg divided into 0.5 mg doses. I'm one week in and I feel like total crap. I feel like I have the flu, strength is gone too. I know the short answer is to go have bloods done, but I will not have a chance to do that until the end of the week due to my schedule. I've got a feeling I may have crashed my E2, but I don't want to make any changes based on guesswork. Any thoughts or advise would be appreciated. Maybe I'm just sick, but last time I used methan 10 I felt the same way. I was using it sort of unorthodox as a pre-workout and I remember feeling crappy then too. Thank you
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Feel like crap on dbol
    on: 2016-10-14 19:59:11

    There could be a lot of potential reasons this has happened. Maybe high blood pressure. Maybe strain on your liver. Possibly another issue. I have to think that this is not just a fluke experience. Some people have a bad response to certain drugs. I'd venture to guess that dbol is just not right for you. I find that if something is giving you bad side effects, your best bet is to just stay away from it and stick witht the things that do make you feel good. The formula that works great for you may not be what works for someone else. For instance, Dbol is great for me but it sounds like you might not do well with it. Anadrol kills my appetite but I know people that love it and have great cycles on it. So many times, we get caught up thinking that we have to learn to tolerate discomfort to get the most out of a drug. I dont agree with that at all. I think we should always strive toward feeling good and make this the prime goal. When we are feeling good, its easier to eat the amount of food we need to eat to grow and we want to keep doing more of what is working. 

    So if you want a fast acting compound to ramp up your muscle gains, maybe look at NPP and try 300mg EW of that. Or if you wanted to stick with orals, maybe Tbol or even Anavar.