Puffy nips during cycle

  • Anonyjohn
    Puffy nips during cycle
    on: 2016-10-24 08:03:23
    First, thanks for what you do on here for us, and thanks to naps for coming up with the idea. My last cycle which was test, eq and masteron I had puffy nipples the entire time. I was hoping it was body fat related, but after prepping for two shows it was an obvious flare up. I took all the way up to 25 mg/day of aromasin per day and no change, Letro nuke and nothing. The rest of my body dried out but not my nips. I even ran a cycle of nolvadex and no response. I took some time off and my chest was totally fine. I started 500 test c, 500 eq and 500 deca 5 weeks ago and here we go again, flare up. I've been doing 12.5 aromasin eod and moved it to 12.5 Ed with no changes. It starts as tingling around the nips. No sensitivity or lumps. To best explain, it's like a watery feeling around my breasts that LIGHTLY tingles but most all of the time. you know the feeling you get when you get spillage after eating like garbage and you feel it going straight to your chest and love handle as fat being stored, that's how it feels. That tingling feeling. I thought maybe prolactin, but that wouldn't be the case from my last cycle.So I think it's either1. Pre existing gyno that flares up that I'll just have to deal with, but again no lumps.2. maybe I should try arimidex 3. Maybe I am one of those that is just going to have flare ups no matter what. I see pros that have slightly obvious flare ups, ones that if there was anything to be done then they'd be doing it. Any advice
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Puffy nips during cycle
    on: 2016-10-29 07:50:08

    I wish I had pics. For some guys who have been more naturally pre-disposed to man boob issues, I find that it is more likely they will have a problem on cycle. I know you said there is no lumps, but if you were to feel around, I do wonder if there is any form of a lump that is small and so far gone undetected. Feel for something that might be small, the size of a pea. For future reference to anyone in a situation where pics could help, if you think pics could help me, you can always post them at an image hosting site and post the link in your message to me. That being said, to be safe, I would start out by switching to Adex. I find that it is a lot easier for controlling estrogen than Arom. With Arom, I feel like some guys need a lot. If you are sensitive, 12.5mg EOD is not going to be enough. I bet that you need more like 25mg ED. But personally, I would cut it out and swap out to Adex, 1mg EOD for your situation and if nedded, increase. 


    Also, really it might not hurt to cut the deca out until you have this under control. Thats just the way it works. We know that test and EQ both are test based drugs so you can deal with gyno from them in the same way. Deca is a 19 Nor though and if it were causing any sensitivity, you would need to deal with it in a different way. So if you stopped the deca and ran adex at 1mg EOD, then watch your progress. Once you are certain that you are good to go, you could add the deca back in, if you liked. Then if a problem comes up from adding deca back in, you could try adding caber at .5mg 2x wk