here are my lab results you said you wanted to see

  • cmaxxxt
    here are my lab results you said you wanted to see
    on: 2016-11-16 15:31:46
    I made it through PCT without HCG. I ordered it and i'm dealing with customer support as i'm writing this cause my 6 bottles of 1500iu's never came but I made it through. I had labs done 11/9/2016 my TSH1.210 uU/mL normal range is 0.400 - 5.500 uU/mLTestosterone413 ng/dL normal range220 - 1000 ng/dLProlactin11.2 ng/mL normal range2.0 - 14.0 ng/mLLH5.4 mU/mL normal range1.0 - 7.0 mU/mL my last injection of sus 250 was September 1st. at 53 y.o. I look and feel great. I found a lab here in Cleveland that charges around $50 to stay monitored. I plan on cycling again the 1st of the year 1 250mg amp of sustanon a week and considering Dbol 10mg 3x aday =30mg. my thing is when the HCG does come, when to start using it? I plan on using 30 amps so that's 30 weeks and I know my testies are gonna shrink. so I read I should do 250iu hcg twice a week the first week of the month to keep my testies from shinking is the good? then for my PCT which will end next September, take 250iu hcg right after my last injection every 3 days for 2 to3 weeks? and yes I have clomid, nolvadex, anatrozole, and letrozole on hand and I'm familiar with 100mg clomid ed for 2 weeks and ween down as well as with the nolvadex. my thing is the HCG I know it has to be done right I don't wanna mess up my sex drive its just now snapping back from this last extended 30 week cycle.thanks for your time.Carlosp.s.I plan on competing. I wish I could send I picture for more suggestions on how to grow at my age 53yo 6'3" 220lbs bf12%thanks again
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    Re: here are my lab results you said you wanted to see
    on: 2016-11-26 16:41:44

    If you are going to run a 30 wk cycle at 54, you are going to have a hard time recovering. So if I read this right, you are taking 1 amp, 250mg test EW. This is just slightly more than HRT. You are basically shutting down your natural production, only to replace it with a very slight increase. So in effect, you are basically running an aggressive HRT dose for 30 wks. Thats a long time to be shut down and at your age, it will be harder to recover, with or without HCG. If you want to stay on that long, I would consider staying on a HRT dose year round and making sure that your labs are always in check. This would be a life long commitment, but really, you are kind of commiting to it anyway, by doing a 30 wk cycle. 

    So I would either A, plan to stay on HRT, maybe even see a Dr about it and do it right with a dr that will keep you in the high end of the normal range, or reduce the cycle length. No matter what, to get a good effect, I would increase the dose, but I would not run it for 30 weeks. There will come a time that the same dose will no longer produce gains like it did earlier in the cycle. So IMO, a better plan would be to run 2 amps a week for 15 wks, then come off, PCT and recover. Or do that and then go to HRTwhich is usually around 200mg every week, each person being different. 

    For the HCG, I'm sure they will sort you out. These things happen from time to time. Its happened to me but it's always been fixed. I would suggest 250iu 2x wk every week. If you plan to come off at the end, time it up so that you can make the HCG last right up to PCT. So how early you start would depend on how much you have. 


    Sust 500mg EW, split into 2 shots

    adex as needed

    PCT starting 3 wks after last shot of Sust. 7 days of clomid at 100mg ED, then 14-21 days of clomid at 50mg ED