Whey isolate and Creatine

  • MaZe
    Whey isolate and Creatine
    on: 2016-12-07 07:38:10
    I know protein is a major key to building muscle and would like to know what "Brand" you prefer. I want to be able to drop my BF% by using something with low carbs and suger. Also what creatine is the best? Can get overwhelmed with all the choices out there today and all the propaganda and slogans. I've used Amplified 189 creatine before in the pills and had pretty good reasults. Was recently told a powder would be better and absorb quicker. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. What supplements would you suggest are actually needed? I'm 34yo 5'11" 230lbs about 19% BF from best I can calculate....
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Whey isolate and Creatine
    on: 2017-01-23 04:32:28

    For creatine, you can get good results using any generic creatine monohydrate. It is super cheap and you will be able to get good results from any of the brands you find. Personally, I use True Nutrition but you can get it from many companies. Just get pure mono. Dont buy anything like Cell Tech, which is just creatine with some added simple sugar and a high price tag. Dymatize and other brands offer 500g for maybe $15. This is going to be cheaper than the pills. Figure about 5-10g per day is a good dose and you can get that much more easily in powder than in pills. My personal dosing is 5g before I train in a pre-workout, then 5g right after I train. 

    As for whey, I would suggest using a pure iso. If you look at the label, it will list the ingredents. It should not have a list of aminos or any consentrate in the ingredents. There are many good brands but this is an expensive supp. In fact, companies don't really make much off of whey. National brands like dymatize and isopure are 2 brands that come to mind. True Nutrition is a good web site and I trust them. Muscle Guage Nutrition is one I have used a lot. 


    These are good questions bro. Thanks for asking. Its important that you are using good supps and not getting over charged