Advice on my cutting cycle

  • anonymous225
    Advice on my cutting cycle
    on: 2017-01-12 20:20:17
    It's been long time since I have seen my6packmy last cycle of test E wk1//12and Equipose wk1/6 ,winstrol wk8/12,clen, anavar,Hgh,But with that cycle I didn't see the result I was expecting my body fat around 20 to 18.I am 5' 11, 235 pounds used to be 245 before the cyclone. I wanted to do another cycle strictly cutting and focus on fat loss also . I was going to run something very similar to the last one except adding tren and Masteron . I'm just wondering why I'm not seeing the result even thought my diet and cardio is on point? Advice please..
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Advice on my cutting cycle
    on: 2017-01-23 00:00:00

    Hey brother, theres a few things that stick out to me relating to diet and gear that we can work on to get better results. First lets talk diet. Even without the steroids, you should be able to reach your fat loss goals. So if didn't see what you wanted for results, something was not right about the diet. It may have been a good diet. It may have been a clean diet. But it was not the right diet for your specific body. So thats not a knock to you. It sounds like you worked hard and put good effort in. Each body is like a puzzle and figuring out what that body takes is a process of trial and error. So even though you didn't reach your goals last time, you learned a lot. Mainly, you learned that what you did didn’t work for you. It’s hard for me to say what you do need nutritionally since we are not working together. I cant see the diet you used and I cant see what your results looked like. I can give you some pointers that might help. For protein, I would suggest about 1.5-2 g protein per lb of body mass. Then maybe 1g carb per lb and .5g fat. Split this into 6 meals. See how you  respond before you start the cycle. Then begin to play with the carbs or the fats and see what results you get. Figure out how to get your body losing fat before you start. Then when you add the gear, you will speed your results up that much faster. As for your last cycle, looks like you ran EQ for 6 wks only? Thats a long acting compound. It doesn't totally build up for several weeks so it’s better off used for a longer period, like 12-16 wks. If you use tren and mast, heres my suggestion. 10-12 wks of Test E 500mg and Mast E 3-400mg EW. Then the last 8 wks, tren ace at 50mg EOD. After several weeks of this, if you want to try increasing the tren to 75mg, thats fine. Or leave it where it is. I’ve taken guys in to national level and even pro shows with lower dosed tren like this. As long as the diet is working, the tren will just make the results that much better. If you wanted to add in winstrol or var for the last 4-6 wks, that would be acceptable too. And if you use clen, that will once again take a working plan and make it work faster. One more note on diet, remember the diet is key and that you will need to adjust the diet as you go along the way. As your body gets used to the diet you’re on, you need to keep up with it and be ready to make the next right adjustment. If you are interested in talking to be about working with you one on one, reach out to me on the Next Level Nutrition page in the entertainment section on Naps. Best of luck brother