46 Y.O. & curious about HGH

  • Fizz
    46 Y.O. & curious about HGH
    on: 2017-01-31 00:23:57
    almost 10 years ago I started running Test (sust270) and Mast (200), etc. Nothing too heavy. 3 years ago I moved into a new job and slid off my regular routine, while still working about half as much and eating like an unsupervised 12 year old. I've been dry for a while now and put on a lot of body fat. I've never run HGH before and know precious little about it. 1) should I bother, HGH plus working my ass off? or go back to test/mast and working my ass off? 2) so I dont take up too much of your time repeating yourself, could you point me to some good online resources to read up on my own? (aside form the Q&A here). Many thanks!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: 46 Y.O. & curious about HGH
    on: 2017-02-11 00:00:00

    Unsupervised 12 yr old! LMAO. Steroids and GH are two different things. If I were to pick one, steroids would be first. Then Gh would help in a different way. At 46, Im sure gh would be beneficial to you. Our levels decline as we age and you will get more out of it now than you would when you were younger. It will help with fat loss , recovery and general quality of life. Sounds good at 46, right? But its not going to build muscle like steroids. So I would ideally do both. With your goals and age, just a nice low dose cycle like you mentioned plus 2iu a day gh taken in the AM or pre workout. You could use generic colored tops if thats what fits the budget best. If you want to step it up, check out the Hyge brand GH. Very good at a reasonable price. After that, the pharm grade is very expensive. I think you could do good with one of the two I mentioned first. Just remember its a long term thing using GH. Ideally its something you would stay on most of the time. I would not consider it if you dont have the funds to run it at least 6 months. If you do that and like it and can afford to, there is no reason to come off at that dosing. Its pretty much HRT level gh which will be great for you. As for resources beyond this, The guys over at the podcasts AdvicesRadio.com host podcasts taking questions like this. They are friends of the Naps site. If you want to head to the forum at their site, they would be happy to turn your question into a discussion topic on one of their shows. They have a few different QA style programs.