Best steroids for crossfit and hcg during cycle

    Best steroids for crossfit and hcg during cycle
    on: 2017-04-19 19:36:39
    Hey, i recently did my first cycle and it was basically just test cyp 250 twice a week for 10 weeks and clomid for pct. I put decent amount of muscle mass as well as strength but i felt really bloated and retained a lot of water. Now, i do crossfit and my program consists of weightlifting and bodybuilding for the 1st part and multiple conditioning workouts for the 2nd part. Im looking for something that could give me strength while staying away from the water retention and slow down of my endurance and if possibly help me burn fat or not affect my nutrition. I also would like to know what is the minimum dosage of hcg i could run through the cycle because my testicles shrank since the very 1st week and that was something i dint like, for me it just felt uncomfortable and would definitely pay a little extra to feel better. Thanks!
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    Re: Best steroids for crossfit and hcg during cycle
    on: 2017-04-29 00:00:00

    First of all, good work on the first cycle. Second, Im sorry to hear you do CrossFit. Haha, just kidding buddy. So heres the deal. If you control estrogen and eat clean on that same cycle you did, you wont hold as much water. In fact, it’s super common for guys to use long acting test right into a bodybuilding contest. So with 500mg try 1mg adex every other day. Or you could use less test, which will of course be easier to control. With the food part, gear…all gear will make your body more sensitive to minerals, meaning that you can retain more water if your food isn't clean. I wouldn't cut sodium out. I would just keep it consistent. Foods like eggs, chicken, fish, oats, rice and sweet potato are all very clean. Plus green veggies. Then use a consistent amount of salt with your meals. This salt will also improve performance in the gym. So lets say you decide to use less test and add another compound. Sometimes like 375mg test every week for 10 wks along with .5mg to 1mg adex EOD. Then you could add 50mg anavar or Tbol for 8 wks of the cycle. Either of these would be ok. 50mg of either of these are good. As for HCG, I would suggest 250u, 2x wk starting during the cycle and running it like this every week right up to PCT. This should help. some people are more sensitive to shrinkage than others. If this is not enough, you can increase to 500iu 2x wk.