First Timer

  • Shigva
    First Timer
    on: 2013-05-04 11:38:37
    Hello, I would really appreciate if you explain my questions in details because this is my first time using any steroids. I plan on starting orally. I found this pre-designed stack, Oral Only stack from Link is here: ""
    I did some research on stacking Methan50 and Proviron and found out they'd enhance each others effect while Proviron blocking the estrogen. But I am still scared of gynecomastia and my questions are:
    Would it hurt to I take low doses of clomid or nolvadex during the cycle just to be cautious?
    Also concerning the instruction on the website - I work out late before sleep but the instruction said take half(1/2) tablet of methan50 and 1 tablet proviron 1 hour before the workout and then take another half methan50 right before bed. So does it mean i should take the second half in the morning since I workout right before sleep? Thanks You!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: First Timer
    on: 2013-05-06 04:52:59

    please keep in mind that an oral only cycle is not ideal and if you plan to continue using AAS, you will want to use an injecable test as the base of all of your cycles. orals are much more toxic and more liekly to cause long term health concerns. orals are ideally used for short periods of time in conjunction with an injectable test. most often, dbol is used for the first 6 wks of a longer test cycle. there is a synergy that happens when combining steroids, meaning 1+1=3. using dbol as a kick start will allow you to use less to acheive great results, besides health concerns, in the long run, your gains will be better this way too. 


    the main concern with splitting dbol is that it has a short half life of 4-6 hours. you can work towards keeping the drug more stable in your body by splitting the dose up. if you split it into two doses, take it as close to 12 hrs apart as you can. instead of using nolvadex to control possible gyno sides, which will only bind to estrogen receptors, you would be better off using an AI like adex to control estrogen. depending on your sensitivity to estogen, you may need .5mg adex 2x a wk, to possibly EOD. use as little as possible to keep estrogen controlled but not take away all of your water retention. it is a balance you'll have to figure out though trial. if you do still begin to feel gyno coming on, thats the time you'll want to use nolvadex. if you get strong sides, take 40mg right away and then 20mg till its gone. at the same time, begin adding in more adex, as your estrgen was still too high


     make sure you also run a solid PCT of nolvadex or clomid when you come off.