mass gains

  • anonymous709
    mass gains
    on: 2017-10-29 16:39:53
    Hi, i am 28 years old, 184cm and 64kg (i hope its ok i use metric). I tried everything from working out to eating gainers and other proteins and stuff like creatine . Nothing helps, no matter how much i eat, i have same weight for over 10 years. I wanna try anabolics in form of a pill. If you could link me the products from napsgear and give me instructions, i would be so happy. Thanks
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: mass gains
    on: 2017-11-10 00:00:00

    Hey brother, I would suggest you hire an experienced coach to help with your nutrition if you are having this hard of a time growing. Steroids will only take whats working and make it better so if you can’t grow now, I would not expect any lasting gains by adding steroids. You might be a trickier situation so when you do look for a coach, don't just hire a younger guy your age that knows how to get himself into shape. You want someone that has seen a larger cross section of body times and has figured them out. Now as far as steroids, orals tend to not produce high quality lasting gains the way that you can get out of injectables. If you’re going to commit to using steroids, I would suggest you take responsibility for your health and get comfortable with doing a test cycle along with AI for estrogen control and a PCT. For now, if you want to try something that is not injectable, a safer first cycle option would be something like Dbol or Anavar. Var being the lower side effect compound of the two. With Dbol, 30mg ED for 6 wks, then a PCT of clomid starting the day after your last time. For Var, I would do 8 wks at 50mg once again, followed by clomid PCT starting the day after your last tab. With Anavar you’d get fewer sides though both are toxic on the liver and bad on cholesterol. Thats the reason I suggest looking into a long acting test