rotator cuff injury

  • anonymous99
    rotator cuff injury
    on: 2017-12-10 11:48:07
    Hey Bro! I sustained 2 tears in my rotator cuff. Doctor insisted on surgery as it is a full thickness tear. I refused surgery. I am 40I have regained my strength after a long time but my concern is constant loud cracking popping and grinding sound in my shoulder upon movement. I do understand you are not a doctor, the reason I ask you this is because you must have come across such injuries in your career in some way or another and seen someone who refused getting cut open and kept lifting. What is your opinion? I think I can go on all cylinders but the noise bothers a bit..
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: rotator cuff injury
    on: 2017-12-21 00:00:00

    Thats a tough one. We are all stubborn about this stuff. If you can make it through your training, working around this stuff, I’d say go for it. Thing is, you need to be honest with yourself. I think its easy to pretend its not an issue when it is an issue. If pushing forward is going to even slightly have the potential to cause further issues, I’d say reconsider getting some work done on it. You just don't want to make things worse. I have had some major tendonitis issues over the years and with time, I’ve noticed muscle imbalances because of them. The muscles fire differently due to alterations in how I conduct an exercise on one side vs the other. So just keep that in mind. We all get hurt brother. Some injuries are better than others. Im not sure how well they can fix your specific shoulder issue but if theres a good chance for a full recovery, don't hesitate to invest the time. This is your life. It’s your body. You want to keep it running well for a long long time.