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  • goon78
    Follow up
    on: 2018-02-26 19:16:08
    It has been a few years since I ran anything and I decided to run a very small test c/ deca cycle.I stay in decent shape and just wanted a little boost. I'm running 400 test c and 300deca split into 2 injections a week's. I'm 4 weeks in and just noticed some nipped sensitivity and small nodule under the nip. I'm not overly concerned but am going to order caber to be safe. I'm taking 1mg adex a week. I was thinking about doubling that until I get the caber. Once I get it should I take both the adex and caber. Suggestions?So I'm embarrassed that I did no research before running this cycle. Have done several cycles in years past and never had this issue so guess I was over confident. The lump is large enough that I'm concerned. I have done some reading and this is where I'm at. I canceled the caber.(I don't think it's prolactin and sex ally everything is working fine.) I did order letrozole. But I did have access to exemestane. So I stopped the adex and am doing 25mg exestemane. If I feel and estrogen crash I will back that off. Unfortunately by time you answer I'll be invested in this so hopefully your answer will give me some confidence that I didn't make a mistake. Now as far as the letro I guess it will depend on what the exestemane does. Your advice please. OH yeah I upt the test c to 500 and backed the deca to 150 as I was really. Just using it to support my joints since I'm getting older. 40years oldThanks
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Follow up
    on: 2018-07-17 10:38:39

    First of all, I wouldn't increase drugs when you are getting side effects from them. If anything I would lower them or stop. You have your whole life to reach your goals. Make sure you take care of your health first. I would prefer your adex over arom. I find that it just works better in most people, especially when you want to keep estrogen very low. In this case, I would even get letro. My thought would be that if you have irritated the gland, I would eradicate estrogen as much as possible, try to shrink the tissue and then get back to focusing on growing. 2.5mg letro ED for a couple weeks. It will slowly build up and you will probably not feel great when estrogen is tanked but its better than having gyno. I cant promise it will work but if you catch it early there is a chance it will help. From there, I would taper off letro to avoid rebound. 2.5 EOD for a few days. Then 1.25 EOD. Then you could switch back to adex and dose as needed