Beginning a Cycle Winny/Cyp

  • Hybrid911
    Beginning a Cycle Winny/Cyp
    on: 2018-04-06 04:42:46
    Hey there! I am 220, 6'0, 36yro, about 14% body fat, decent physique, very athletic built, have diet on point, been lifting for years..I have been natural all the way through, and have decided to take my body to the next level. Considering a show, but waiting to see the results of my first cycle. I am pretty connected to many in the body building world and have gotten many many different opinions on the cycles to go with, however I decided to go with the Winny/Cyp/ and Clomid for PCT.I was planning on running the Cyp for 12 weeks at 500mg a week. Should I add the Winny on week 6 of using the Cyp? And secondly, how long do you recommend me using the winny and the PCT clomid for?I have gotten so many variations of how everyone does it, but I want to get the most of my first cycle.I also wanted to know days and times that are best for the cycle in your experience. Sorry for all the questions bro, but I have all this gear staring me in the face and I just want to be on point before I begin. Thanks again!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Beginning a Cycle Winny/Cyp
    on: 2018-06-06 11:35:09

    So Im assuming you are not competing yet but trying to grow size with this cycle? The cyp was a good move. 500mg EW split into 2 shots.This is really all you need for a first cycle along with an AI. Adex at .5mg to 1mg eod for most guys. You can grow a ton of muscle on this! If you want to use the winny. 50mg oral, every day for the last 4 to 6 wks but really this is a contest drug. Not going to help you build. I would prefer something like 25mg dbol to help add more muscle. Yes you will gain water. but that will go away post. Grow as much as you can before you start dieting because once prep begins, you have to assume that you wont be gaining again until after the show. Then PCT post cycle Clomid 100mg for 1 wk starting 14 days after last shot. Then 2 more wks at 50mg. If you like you can run HCG through the cycle at 250iu every 3 days, up to 3 days before PCT and this will help with recovery as well. Best of luck buddy. Work hard. Eat big. Grow and think about the big picture and how you will eventually be standing on stage