Steroids for cutting body fat in women

  • Marianipri
    Steroids for cutting body fat in women
    on: 2018-05-03 23:47:06
    I am seeking some advice on which can be the best steroids for women that help to cut body fat without gaining lean muscle simce i am a bikini competitor. I have been in two cycles of Var, first from 2.5 to 5 mg and the second one at 10 mg. The first cycle worked great in my body but the second one didn’t. I always get the GP var since its the one i tried first and worked out perfect. I always keep a very clean diet but its hed for me to cut fat and let go of water.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Steroids for cutting body fat in women
    on: 2018-06-06 11:15:13

    I would have to see your physique but dont think that the girls in bikini dont have muscle, especially at the national and pro level. It depends on the girl, how the muscle looks on their frame and what class they fall into but some of the taller girls especially, have a decent amount of muscle. Its only the girls that have superior genetics that Ive ever seen need to be careful to not grow more muscle in bikini. That said, the muscle you need for bikini is far less than any other division so you should be able to do that naturally within a few years. Of course, gear would make it  happen faster. You just need to stay low dose and short duration and watch for side effects. The judges will give a DNP to a girl that shows any signs of steroid use in that division. So thats my first thought. Next, remember that steroids themselves are not going to be the best thing for fat loss. As a coach, I have turned girls pro in bikini that have never touched a steroid.We do use fat burners like clen, yohimbine, ECA. Nolvadex is something I usually reserve for girls in figure or WPD but I can see how you could apply it  to bikini to help get rid of estrogenic related fat and water. You’d just need to be careful with it  as nolvadex can get you really hard..too hard for your division. In the end of the day, its going to be about building a nice package in the off season, getting that diet and cardio nailed, having a great presentation (hair, make up, POSING) and then using these things to just push whats working a little further. I emphasize posing because that will make or break you. Get a good posing coach. Not a local coach that knows how to make themselves look good on stage. Go straight to the top for a posing coach and you will be “dead center” on stage. Sorry, I dont want to drop names on this format but if you know the industry, you’ll understand the suggestion I made. Or hit me up on the Next Level Nutrition email page, here on Naps. So to sum up for drugs, clen and yohimbine, maybe nolvadex, then anavar if you want, at a small dose. Good luck and knock em dead