Oral Only: Tren and Winny

  • Robpoppa
    Oral Only: Tren and Winny
    on: 2018-05-04 01:13:04
    I'm looking to do an oral cycle of Tren and Winny. I know about needing to add Test to this cycle, but was really hoping to avoid injections this time around. I want to keep the cycle at 8-10 weeks total and use the Tren for 4 week stretches at the max. I'm looking for advice on how you would formulate this cycle. Start them both at the same time and drop the Tren after 4 weeks? Or, start with Winny and add the Tren for the last 4 weeks? I was even considering 10 weeks of Winny with 2 weeks of Tren at the beginning and end of the cycle. I'm looking to shed fat and harden up. My diet and cardio are on point. I have Liver protection and am fully aware of the toxic nature of oral Tren. I also have PCT in hand.Not a newbie....just new to this site.Previous cycles include: 1. DBol/Sustanon 2. DBol/EQ/Test-E 3. DBol/Sustanon/Test-EI'm 32, 5'11, 190 lbs, 13-16% BF. Been working out for seriously for 12 years. Thanks in advance for any advice/experiences you might share.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Oral Only: Tren and Winny
    on: 2018-06-06 11:12:39

    If you’ve been familiar with using test, Im not sure why you dont want to use it now. Understanding that would have allowed me to possibly help you get a better result from it or avoid the issues you disliked about it in the past. Understand that test is the hormone that makes men, men. Without it , you will feel awful. Lethargy, fatigue, listlessness, low libido, lack of motivation to train, etc. Basically the opposite of what I want from a cycle. It  may not be a problem right away but over weeks your test production will get more and more shut down. So if you were to want to do an oral only cycle I would limit that to no longer than 4 wks at a time, then a PCT and time off. So really, not too worth it . You’ll end up being on 4 wks for every 8 wks off. I’d just use winstrol at around 50mg ED for 4 wks. If you wanted to use oral tren for the last 2 wks with the winny, I’d go with a low dose, starting at 250mcg to see how that goes. There are so many more reasons I would not suggest doing any of this. At the least, 250mg long acting test as your base would be a world different