• anonymous203
    on: 2018-05-08 16:45:06
    Ok so I just wanted to go over my cycle with you I’m starting off the first 4 weeks with 1 cc of suspension test 1cc of winny and 1 cc of tren suspension for 30 days for a quick boost as my reg cycle is andromix 2 cc eod with 800 mg eq for 10 weeks once I start my gh I’m gonna dob2 to 3 Iu of grey tops or hyge the last 4 to 6 weekly of this cycle I’m throwing in anavar 60 Ng and winny 50 mg a day then I’m taking a break to finish out after my break I’m doing turnibol primo and eq. If the winny is bothering me I gonna use 1cc deca every other week and the gh I’m gonna do 2 to 3 Iu for 6 months to a year depending on if I need it or not if it’s 6 months I’m doing 3 iu if a year 2 iu but I might do hyge for a few months and switch to humatrope is there a big difference because I’m gearingvslot if good things about the grey tops and hyge I’ve done hyge n it was great but had to stay low cuz of the sides but I heard the American shut like humatrope you don’t need allot n it’s so much better I’m gonna def take my breaks but the dosages aren’t to crazy are they I am experienced to been playing for a long time but I took ten years off still lean and holding 240 and I haven’t lifted in 2 years
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Cycle
    on: 2018-06-06 11:10:56

    Its’ hard to comment on the cycle. If you were to diet down for a contest, you could give me an outline of what you planned to do with nutrition and cardio each week, what changes you were going to make, etc, but until we see it in action and watch how your body responds, we cant know that you will need to for example, drop 30g carbs at 4 wks into the diet, then add 10 min cardio at 5 wks in. If your body was already doing well without those changes, there would be no need to remove carbs, or if you were not getting lean, we would want to think about removing them sooner. See what I mean? So on paper, this all looks well thought out but I honestly think you put more thought into it  than needed. The longer I’ve done this, the more I see that micro managing the gear yields similar results to keeping it simple, watching my (or my client’s) body and then responding with the proper response. My thought is to run your cycle using your Andromix and EQ as the base. Add in what you see fit as you go. Try to leave yourself some options. Remember that when you start the gear, it really is working from day one so you dont need to load several other compounds on top of that to kick start it. Then I would focus on the diet and training. If I were to use something like Tren suspension, it  would not be to start a cycle. At the start, I’m getting stronger and stronger. Then when that strength slows, I would consider something like the TS to push things up a notch. Now you’re using it  to take yourself to a new level. This might be a different way of looking at gear than you are used to. Too often, people on the boards get wrapped up in creating this perfect cycle but until you are in the cycle carrying it  out, you cant tell what you should do next. As for your GH thoughts, yes, if you can afford Pharma gh, you will get a high quality, consistent product. I think that Hyge is just about as good though, if the US pharm prices are not an option. I would suggest using as much as you can afford comfortably for as long as you can afford it .