two year layoff test only past

  • daririn49
    two year layoff test only past
    on: 2018-05-16 02:07:53
    whats up bro. i am 49 yo and hurt my shoulder tow years ago. between that and car problems i have been in the gym about 20 times last summer. i have always just used test at about 600 back in the day when test only came in 200mg to 750mg /wk. i have been training since the age of 13 non stop except these past few years.i have kept pretty my size for the most part at about 220lbs not to fat but a belly. mostly carry any fat in gut upper legs and face.but not to bad. i want to step it up this summer, not to crazy but def want to up my game.i have on hand, test e 250 tren ace 100, masterone e 200mg, primoblin 100mg/ml anovar 20mg ,yello top hgh, t3, clen, how would you run this. start with test and then add one compound every 2 to 3 weeks? or would something else be better. not a strict contest diet but lots of clean food and weekends eat what i like minus sweets. i have a fast motab and should be about 300 lbs slob with how my diet has been. guessing 10 to 15% bodyfat. complete guess on that.i get very muscular and vascular on test alone. but would like to change it up. what are your thoughts. very low estrogen conversion.nevr had any issuies at 750.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: two year layoff test only past
    on: 2018-06-04 11:23:07

    Hey bro, ok nothing is cookie cutter, so what I am telling you here is just a general outline. How and when we add compound would really come down to how your body is responding. For instance, with clen, If you are still losing fat at the time I say to add it , I would push that back. And other factors like cardio and DIET are critical factors that play into what we are doing with the drugs and when we are doing the. The drugs dont exist in a vacuum.  So to start, keep in mind I am counting backward like a contest prep. 16 wk cycle, being 16 wks out at the start, 1 wk out in the last week. Just how my brain thinks. For the whole diet, HGH -3iu ED, taken first thing IM or pre workout. Test 500mg EW and adex as needed to keep estrogen in the lower end of normal. Say around 20 would be fine. Then around 12-14 wks out, add primo at 300mg EW and clen at 20mcg ED, adding 20mcg to the dose every 2 wks. So in 2 wks, you go to 40, then in 2 wks, go to 60. Etc. No higher than 120. At 10 wks, Tren at 50mg EOD. At this point, I would break all my shots up so that each inject is the same EOD, meaning breaking up the test and primo into EOD as well. Just to keep consistent. Then at 8 wks, Masteron at 75-100mg EOD. You could add the T3 anywhere from 10 wks out if you need it . You can up the tren up to 100mg EOD after 4 wks if you desire. Really though, for your goals, I dont think you need all these compounds. Its going to be the diet and the cardio, the clen and the t3 that get you lean. The rest just helps you hold size and look harder.