Test E w/ Masterone or NPP (2nd cycle)

  • Moody
    Test E w/ Masterone or NPP (2nd cycle)
    on: 2018-06-17 06:57:47
    What's going on brotha,This my 2nd cycle. Been clean from AAs for 10years. Getting it in clean in the gym all those years. IAM 30yrs old now and need that extra edge. Did my baseline, every gtg. Have test E and tbol.About to do do 500TE / 30-50 tbol. I would like to add Masterone or NPP or maybe then ace. Let me now your feedback.Btw my first cycle was tren/deca/test. Stupid I know - (Don't ask was guided by a friend, deff was stupid at the time. Much wiser now.) gained 25lbs no joke was solid. 190lbs right now 11%BMI.My PCT is all ready to go. I appreciate you in advance. Let me know what you think. I loved tren. Felt amazing. Deff suffered a horrible recovery Because did no pct. but been all good for many years now thankfully. Far more knowledgeable now and Everything fabolous.I really want to do tren but so much I read about it , I feel a little hesitant. Need to lean out quick before summer over. Thinking of adding some type of AA to kick start my cycle. NPP, tren ace or masterone. Your input is appreciated. Thanks Failed to mention what I want to do. Goals be 215lbs from 190. to get optimal results with minimal dosage.Test E- 250-500 a weekTbol- 30-50 EDTren A - 50mg ED or EODOr masterone 300-400mg a weekLet me know when and how I should thrown in caber aNd aromasin on and off cycle. Thanks bro you da man
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Test E w/ Masterone or NPP (2nd cycle)
    on: 2018-07-20 09:48:07

    Well thought out plan and well written question with plenty of detail. Thank you for that ! Ok so what to add. First off, since you have been away from gear for the better part of 10 years, you will be very sensitive to anything you use and should do well. For this reason, I would go with Mast over tren. Think about how good you will do on just test alone. Add in the mast and you will get harder, drier and grainy, plus the binding to SHBG helps to free more test and increase libido. How is that not a win win!? haha. If you can get the long acting version mast e, you only have to inject it a couple times a week. 300-400mg is perfect. And hey, while you are at it, why not add in some clen to get rid of fat faster? 20mcg for 2 wks, then 40mcg for 2 wks, then 60 for 2 wks, etc etc, going up 20 every 2 wks, no higher than 120mcg. If this is working well, grab some yohimbine HCI from the supplement store and add that in to get an even better effect with the clen. Best of luck buddy. If you bust your ass in the gym, with your diet and with cardio, you can do very well with this plan