Fat loss stack

  • Dallton
    Fat loss stack
    on: 2018-06-19 16:35:38
    Hello I’m new to this whole steroid stuff but I’m just researching trying to learn. I am trying to lose a good amount of fat. I’ve been dieting and I’m down from 251 and now sitting at 226 standing 6’0” tall. I’m a big guy with a good amount of fat to lose more I want to finish around 170-180. My diet is in check and I feel great I just think now is a time to try and help my diet out by adding in a little something extra to just met that fat away. Now I’ve heard clen and t3 are probably the best for this. However I’ve heard a lot of things about the length of use and the amount of use. Which scares me to even buy it without having someone such as yourself just lay out how much I’d need to buy and how to actually use it since everywhere I look there is a different person saying to do this or that and no one can agree. I was also interested in the beginner cut stack on napsgear that has test prop, anastrozole, and stanozolol. I know a lot of cut stacks just make your muscles look dry and big to help make them pop out when you’re already lean which is nice but that’s not really my problem. I wanted to know if this stack would help with fat loss or not? Or would it be better if I added t3 and clen to it to aid in fat loss while keeping my muscles great so when I lose the weight I’m not just flabby but also really ripped. Or would you recommend me buying clen and t3 by themselves and buying other steroids to help aid them? If so which ones and how much? I’m trying to build a great cycle because im scared if I do it myself I’ll do it wrong and it won’t work out. Also about something rafter to help with getting my test levels back to normal what would you suggest and at what dosage? I know I’m asking a lot I’m just trying to make sure my money is wel spent and I actually accomplish my goal. I appreciate all of your help!
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Fat loss stack
    on: 2018-07-20 09:58:38

    Hey buddy, great questions here. I can see that you have been reading and educating yourself. Also, I want to say congrats on the 25 lb fat loss so far. You are well on your way. I’m rooting for you and happy I can help. Remember the main key to a diet is the length of time you diet. Ive seen clients lose even double the amount of fat you want to lose, so first know that this can be done! You can do this. Just understand it will take time. For this reason, I would suggest a longer term plan that doesn't include steroids the whole time. Steroids shut down your own test as you probably know, so you want to limit the amount of time you are on. For this reason, you want to put some planning into when you cycle. This way, you’re not on steroids for too long. Stay with me and this will all make sense once you’ve read the whole thing. If not, come back and ask for clarification. First get some blood work to ensure your hormones are in check and to also know your baseline Then when you come off, you’ll know what normal is supposed to look like compared to what your levels look like after the cycle. So lets talk t3 and clen first. Yes, these are 2 of the best fat burners you can get your hands on and I have seen them used safely by tons of people. Clen can be used on its own T3 at a low dose can be used on its own but understand it can burn both fat and muscle, so its better to use while on a steroid. The main purpose of a steroid while dieting is to help maintain muscle in a deficit. With the amount of fat you have to lose, you can go awhile without using steroids and not need to worry about muscle loss. Start out with just clen. 20mcg every day. After 2 wks, increase to 40. After 2 wks increase to 60,You can continue doing this until you get to 120 mcg. Go no higher than that and after 2 wks come off.You don't have to use anything more than this if you don't want to and you can cycle off and on clen to keep getting leaner. Just take some time off after one of these long clen cycles. Once you are at around 205 lbs (so 15 more lbs), you could start Test E at 350 to 400mg EW, split into 2 doses. Also use arimidex at 1mg EOD. This will control estrogen and control water. No need to use painful prop. Split the test up into 2 shots. Along with this, add T3 at 25mcg taken first thing in the AM, If you can do AM fasted cardio, take your clen and your T3 before cardio. Really you can stay at this dose as you continue to diet and do fine. If you feel you need more, you can add a second dose of 12.5mcg 8 hours later. Run the test, adex and t3 for no longer than 12 wks. At this point you want to come off and do a PCT. So all in all, you will have a period of just clen. Then a period of test, adex, t3 and clen. Then after you are on clen for the time mentioned you’ll be off that and just using the other compounds. You should be able to do really well. One side note, when you go on test, your scale weight loss is going to stall Wieght will go up, So you will have to rely on the mirror. Your end result may not actually be 180 lbs because you will gain muscle in the process. All I ask is that you do one thing. Come back and tell me when you reached your goals