About to run my First cycle ever

  • Nubie
    About to run my First cycle ever
    on: 2018-06-30 17:09:43
    So I've taken test supplements since I was in my teenage years so I have a bit of an understanding of what it's like to jack up my test. I wanted to stack GP EQ200 w/ GP Sust270. A buddy of mine said bc it's my first time I should stick with just the Sust270 to see how I react to it. But my father said if I'm going to do it then just fuckin do it and stack the EQ on top of it. With some Novidex to protect my nipples and an liver support for all of the above. Of course I'm going to do a PCT at the end but I just don't know if I should ballout or take it easy for a first cycle. I'm looking for more cut than I am size, but I know size is inevitable. Thanks guys
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: About to run my First cycle ever
    on: 2018-07-12 09:11:37

    I agree with your buddy that using test on its own will produce great results for a first timer. And that will leave you open to do test and EQ for the next cycle. If you use test only, 2cc EW would be my suggestion. If you add EQ, I would just add 1.5cc to that per week. For estrogen control, not nolvadex. That just blocks E at the receptor but does not keep it low. You want an AI. Adex is easy to work with. Dosing is unique for everyone but somewhere between .5mg to 1mg EOD is a good place for most people. Plus you nailed it, PCT at the end, which starts 3 wks after your last shot if you are using Sust or Sust and EQ.  Also, I want to note, gear doesn't make you cut. You can get cut on this gear but its all going to come down to your diet and your cardio.Nail those aspects and you can get diced brother!