Proper injection

  • Kkanonymous295
    Proper injection
    on: 2018-07-01 17:05:20
    So I’m starting test E 250 and GP Deca 250 this week and I was wondering if I can mix them in the same syringe? .5 test and .5 Deca or if that would be bad? And can you tell me if this weekly cycle is good? Or any advice on how I should take this stack ?Monday - .5 test mix .5 Deca .5 arimidex Tuesday - .5 arimidexWe’d. .5 deca .5 arm.Thursday .5 arm.Friday .5 test mix .5 Deca .5 armSat and sun just arm.
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Proper injection
    on: 2018-07-12 09:12:59

    Yo! thanks for participating here at the QA brother. Always good to help out. So heres the scoop. You can mix any oil based steroid together in the same syringe. When Im running my cycles, I’m usually on 3 compounds at my peak and I’d be damned if I had to make each on of those separate injections. The question comes down to total volume. You don't want to do more than 3cc in the glute. I limit quads to 2cc. I limit delts to 1.5cc. Thats just me to be safe.  As far as a test and deca cycle, make sure you keep the test higher than the deca. I’m not a huge fan of deca due to the sides, specifically “deca dick”. But you can limit this to an extent with test higher than deca. So with the dosing you have, you could do well with 2cc test, 1.5cc deca per week. Also, I would split that into 2 shots like Mon and Thurs. So 1cc test, .75cc deca taken 2x wk. Of course the adex .5mg to 1mg EOD. Remember that deca has a long half life so PCT will start 3 wks after your last shot. In total, I would run this cycle around 12 wks