Second cycle

  • anonymous525kk
    Second cycle
    on: 2018-07-17 02:19:06
    I just finished up my first cycle and didn't see or notice a huge difference, but did have some pretty good strength gains. I am looking to take some time off and start up another cycle. I am looking to put on as much mass as possible. I am currently 6'1" and 210lbs. I am wondering what you would suggest for me to take for this bulking cycle as it is only my second cycle. ThanksMy first cycle was-weeks 1-10 500mg test weeklyweeks 1-6 30mg dbol dailyarimidex- 1mg EODPCT-clomid
  • IFBB Undercover
    Re: Second cycle
    on: 2018-07-20 10:02:45

    I have to wonder what your diet looked like. It sounds like the gear worked very well for you. You felt the strength but the gains come from the protein that you eat. Steroids allow you to store more protein than what is normally possible. In order to take advantage of this, you have to eat a LOT. I have to say bro, Im old school in that after you recover, I would suggest to go back to what you did the first time and this time make it work. With 500mg test and 30mg Dbol, the average guy should be able to gain a ton of muscle. Make sure you are eating 2g of protein per lb of body weight for the weight you want to be. So if you are shooting to be 200 lbs, eat 400g protein and make sure that 70% of that is from real food, animal sources. Plus you are going to need carbs and fats. You might be a hard gainer. That means it will take even more food. take pics and scale weight each week. Keep a journal. If you are not making progress each week, you need to figure out why. If you can hire an experienced coach, that will help to expedite the situation. If not, or you don’t want to, thats cool. Just get ready to problem solve because this game is a constant battle. And Im here. You can ask me specific questions. Look at this like a challenge. Get aggressive with it. With the diet and training, do whatever it takes!